From Accommodation to Empowerment: The impact of disability ergs

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Originally Recorded: October 26, 2023, 1:00 pm ET / 10:00am PT

Speaker: Alexandra Brown, Wellness Program Coordinator, Co-Chair of ADAPT, NOAA

From Accommodation to Empowerment: The Impact of Disability ERGs will explore the significant impact of employee resource groups (ERGs) focused on supporting individuals with disabilities. This session will provide valuable insights into the definition of disability, strategies for engaging and retaining differently abled employees and best practices for establishing and nurturing ERGs. 

We will delve into the evolving perspectives on disability, exploring the social and medical models, and highlighting the importance of recognizing the unique strengths and talents of differently abled individuals. By gaining a deeper understanding of disability, we can foster a more inclusive work environment that promotes empowerment and equality.  

Engaging and retaining differently abled employees is a key priority for organizations committed to diversity and inclusion. We will share practical strategies and actionable insights on how to create an environment that supports the needs of employees with disabilities. From reasonable accommodations to fostering an inclusive culture, we will explore effective approaches that enhance employee engagement and retention, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. 

One of the most powerful tools for creating a supportive environment for differently abled employees is the establishment of ERGs. This webinar will shed light on the best practices for developing and sustaining ERGs focused on the needs of individuals with disabilities. We will examine successful case studies, explore the role of ERGs in driving organizational change, and provide guidance on how to ensure ERGs are inclusive, impactful, and aligned with broader diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

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