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Pscyhological Safety in the Workplace

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Originally Recorded: July 27, 2023, 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Speaker: Bobbi Brown-Alexander, Director of ERGs & Global Communities in DEI, Kyndryl

Are you ready to revolutionize your ERGs effort to create an inclusive workplace where everyone feels a true sense of belonging?

In today’s fast-paced and diverse spaces, psychological safety is the bedrock upon which a culture of belonging is built. It goes beyond physical safety measures and creates an atmosphere where employees feel safe to be their authentic selves, take risks and contribute their unique perspectives without fear. The impact of psychological safety is profound, leading to increased engagement, innovation, collaboration and overall organizational success.

Bobbi Brown-Alexander, Director of ERGs and Global Communities in DEI at Kyndryl, will explore effective strategies to cultivate a psychologically safe workplace that fosters a true sense of belonging. Bobbi will share her expertise and practical insights, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of psychological safety and with the tools to create a safe space where every employee feels valued, respected and empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a profound understanding of psychological safety and its role in creating a culture of belonging.
  • Unveil effective strategies and best practices to cultivate psychological safety within your organization.
  • Explore the vital role of ERGs in promoting psychological safety and fostering inclusivity.
  • Receive practical insights and actionable tips to establish a strong foundation of psychological safety and drive positive cultural transformation.

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About Bobbi Brown-Alexander

Bobbi Brown-Alexander

Director of ERGs and Global Communities in DEI, Kyndryl

Bobbi is the Director of Employee Resource Groups and Global Communities in Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at Kyndryl, a spinoff of IBM. Bobbi worked in IT at IBM for approximately 39 years in various roles including mainframe systems operator, analyst, programmer, security, auditor, program manager, complex project manager, Senior people manager and Worldwide Data Center Facilities and Operations Manager. During the last 10 years at IBM, she’s volunteered as a member, Vice President and President of the IBM Dallas Black Business Resource Group (BRG), co-founded the Center of Excellence for Black Business Resource Groups in IBM globally and co-led a BRG Optimization project. Bobbi has served as High School Program Director for ChickTech Dallas, and on the Richardson, TX ISD PTA board committee to help create education and punitive policy for racialized occurrences.

She is not just passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, but skilled and intentional as well. She has completed 500+ hours of e-learning on DEI related topics in the last year and has earned several DEI certifications.

Bobbi has a master’s degree in management and leadership, is PMI certified, a certified coach, certified in Kyndry Leadership Behaviors and serves on the board of directors of Under1Roof, a Dallas, Texas, non-profit that works to transition the homeless to permanent housing.

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