Believing in Belonging: The Power of Faith-Based ERGs Webinar

Believing in Belonging: The Power of Faith-based ERGs

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Originally Recorded: September 21, 2023, 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Speaker: Millicent Rone

DEI Senior Specialist, American Airlines

In a world where diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are paramount, how can organizations foster a workplace where individuals of different faiths feel valued and connected?

Join us for Believing in Belonging: The Power of Faith-based ERGs. We’ll uncover the profound impact of faith-based employee resource groups (ERGs) in creating inclusive environments. And delve into the keys of establishing and sustaining these groups while navigating the rich tapestry of diverse religions in the workplace. Get ready to unlock the potential of faith-based ERGs and cultivate a culture of understanding, respect and belonging for all employees.

Millicent Rone, DEI Senior Specialist at American Airlines, will guide you through the process of starting and maintaining faith-based ERGs. You’ll gain practical strategies and best practices for initiating these groups within your organization, including leadership support, objective setting and effective communication to encourage participation and engagement.

Explore the long-term sustainability and success of faith-based ERGs as we delve into maintaining these groups over time. Discover how to cultivate a supportive environment, foster networking opportunities, and organize meaningful events that promote ongoing engagement and interaction among members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the importance and value of faith-based ERGs.
  • How to establish successful faith-based ERGs.
  • How to maintain faith-based ERGs for lasting impact.
  • Embracing religious diversity.

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About Millicent Rone

Millicent Rone

DEI Senior Specialist, American Airlines

Millicent Rone has been with American Airlines for 8 years and serves as a Sr. Specialist for the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She is a passionate motivator for change, an ally for all cultures and an advocate for social justice.

In her role, Millicent provides strategic oversight and management of American’s 20 Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRG). The span of influence in her role reaches across 160 global chapters and 34,000 team members who make up the EBRG Community.

Millicent holds a master’s in business administration with an emphasis in management and her business acumen is reflective of her 26 years of Project Management in Information Technology across multiple industries such as retail, oil and gas, healthcare, food and beverage.

Outside of work, Millicent is a founding member of newly established DFW Collective of Black Employee Resource Groups. Their mission is to create a community focused on amplifying the collective voice of Black Resource Groups in the DFW Metroplex. They provide a space for cross-company collaboration, sharing of best practices, networking, and community engagement.  

Millicent is a wife, a mother of three, and a grandmother of four. In her past time, she is studying ancient medicines and desires to be an herbalist. She loves history, traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures.

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