LGBTQ+ Identities in Career and Work

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Are you trying to assist your LGBTQIA groups and help them evolve by leveraging the right strategies and resources?

Join us with expert Matthew French to assist you in learning about the different ways your resource group and organization can create a strong foundation for your LGBTQIA group, based upon your organization’s mission and vision as well your resource group’s mission, vision and purpose.

Additionally, learn how to assist your human resource team implement ideas and strategies to ensure the recruitment of queer talent while leveraging resources they can use internally and externally.

This one-hour session is designed to give your ERG an overview of:

  • Formulating the vision and goals of your LGBTQ+ ERG
  • Making a case for recruiting LGBTQ+ talent as part of your DEI Strategy
  • Planning ERG events and inclusive spaces


Matthew FrenchMatthew French

Assistant Director for Employer Relations at UNC Charlotte

Matthew French (They/He) is the Founder and ’90s-nostalgic brain behind Awesomely Authentic, which focuses on the unique experiences of LGBTQ+ people as they navigate the milestones of choosing a college to attend or searching for that perfect job and internship.

Matthew currently works and resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he works as the Assistant Director for Employer Relations at UNC Charlotte to connect employers with UNCC students and alumni.

Matthew has ten years of experience working with the LGBTQ+ community, eight years of professional career coaching and a love of the ’90s. He has blended all of these aspects together to create an authentically, high-energy tailored experience for all. His work has been highlighted in national career development associations, CNN Business, LGBTQ+ non-profits and more!