The Importance of HR & ERG Initiatives

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Learn how you can align your ERG, BRG, Councils and HR teams for the maximum impact.

We’ll discuss key things to consider when partnering with your HR Team, such as:

  • Your HR connections and current members
  • Your ERGs’ needs in relation to your HR team
  • Questions to ask your HR team about your business’s purpose and pain points
  • How to align these teams with your business’s purpose

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David ClarkDavid Clark

Diversity and Inclusion Lead at GEICO

David Clark is a diversity and inclusion (D&I) subject matter expert with over 8 years of experience. His areas of specialty include D&I strategy (D&I business alignment), D&I programs (employee resource groups and diversity/heritage month celebrations) and D&I research (psychological safety, employee engagement and turnover mitigation).

David has worked in both the public and private sectors, in addition to conducting research in both the US and UK. Throughout his career he has been dedicated to helping companies identify ways to proactively enhance and drive workplace inclusion for their stakeholders.