5 Ways Every ERG Can Support Its Parents & Family Caregivers

Apr 28, 2021, 1:00 PM Eastern Time

Today, nearly 73% of employees are caring for a child, adult or both–and new data shows employees of color are especially hard hit by caregiving pressures at peak times in their careers. Every ERG (not just the Parents group) has members who are struggling to create a compelling career path that fits with their caregiving roles outside of work, and ERGs can provide powerful ways to clear this obstacle to their members’ career advancement.

Join us for an introduction to the new Caregiving ERG Toolkit. This free resource is packed with research, activities, planning tools and event ideas that enable any ERG to create an initiative to support employees who are caring for their aging loved ones, their kids–or both. Even better, it’s a roadmap for DEI leadership to create a Caregiving Initiative that engages all ERGs to help the company understand and address the career advancement challenges of their members.

You will leave with practical, affordable tactics and free tools that you can use immediately. We will even tee you up with a simple email template you can send to your organization at the end of the we

The Caregiving ERG Toolkit was developed by AARP Family Caregiving with support from Spectrum Knowledge and Workable Concept