Overcoming Barriers as a Resource Group

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Are you trying to connect your ERGs, BRGs and/or Diversity Councils to the bottom line and overall goal of your organization? Are you trying to find out how to create a strong business case for your resource group?

Join us with global expert Linda Stokes for a free webinar to discuss the key components used to connect your resource groups to the business. Additionally, learn about the top three key business case drivers leaders are looking for from their resource groups.

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Linda StokesLinda Stokes

Linda is an Executive Consultant who helps organizations build inclusive and culturally competent teams by providing a comprehensive, strategic, enterprise-relevant diversity and inclusion process that benefits the organization, their employees and their customers. She leads a unique team of dedicated D&I professionals who apply their organizational and business experience, knowledge and passion to assist in creating an inclusive workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Linda is co-author of Multicultural Customer Service: Providing Outstanding Service Across Cultures, author of numerous journal articles, media contributor on topics of organizational strategic and tactical D&I and a curriculum developer of over 120 cross cultural and D&I consulting and training programs. She is a recognized leader in the field of D&I and coaches and mentors Executives, CDOs and diversity professionals at several American and European global firms.