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Why Start a Diversity Council?

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Why start a diversity council? Diversity councils are an important component of any strategic diversity process. Effective diversity councils contribute leadership, creativity and support to make an organization’s strategies and tactics a reality.

A diversity council is a group of people within an organization who lead, advocate for, coordinate, inform and/or monitor the diversity and inclusion initiatives by employee resource groups (ERGs), business resource groups (BRGs) and the organization itself.

Highly productive diversity councils can have a multiplying effect. Council members can assist with data gathering, the communication process, establish measures, educate employees about diversity and continually reinforce the company’s commitment to creating a sense of belonging through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Councils also implement or guide the implementation of the agreed upon efforts that will assist in realizing the overall diversity mission of the organization. By achieving tangible results quickly, members can help build momentum for the company’s overall diversity goals.

Start a Diversity Council with GEN

Are you ready to start a diversity council within your organization? GEN members have access to charter templates, leadership applications, operating guides and beyond. Every template and tool is created with best practices built in and actionable resources for education, planning and implementation. Jumpstart your diversity council by joining the Global ERG Network today.

Start a diversity council resource preview
Start a diversity council resource preview

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