Free Resources for ERGs, BRGs, & Diversity Councils

Here you will find free how-tos, downloadable templates, worksheets and documents that will help you engage members and manage your ERG, BRG or Diversity Council in the most productive way.

Diversity – Equity – Inclusion: Key Terms & Definitions

The most widely used terminology in the DE&I training/consulting industry with clearly written definitions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: 6 Ways to Involve Your Employees

Research tells us that many organizations are not effectively engaging their employees in their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Here are our six best recommendations to get employees involved with the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiative.

DE&I Infrastructure Charter Preparation Checklist

To assist with your DE&I Infrastructure Charter, the following questions should be answered and discussed among you and your leadership team. This will assist you when constructing your new Charter or re-structuring your current Charter.

ERG Business Impact Worksheet

Implores the Employee Resource Group to identify business drivers and provide examples of how the ERG’s initiatives impacted those operational areas.

DE&I Employee Engagement Survey

The purpose of this Employee Engagement Sample Survey is to assist you and your team in aligning your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion goals and visions with those of your organization in addition to the organization’s Human Resource Team.

Aligning Your DEI Efforts with your HR Team

A key component to any successful Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative is the alignment between, not only your leadership teams, but with your Human Resources team as well. The HR team is a key component because they are the organization’s middle point for all employees and external guests who request to access various types of information.

Starting Your LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

Get leadership buy-in. Provide them with data points from the HRC Foundation report on nearly half ofLGBTQ+ employees still being closeted at work. Gather interest from employees. Set up the goals of your group…