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Igniting Business Innovation Through Intersections

October 23 –25, 2024, Westin Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

The Global ERG Network® Conference (GENC) is the first and longest running annual event designed specifically for employee resource groups (ERGs), business resource groups (BRGs) and diversity councils.

This year’s theme, ‘Igniting Business Innovation Through Intersections’ brings together unique ideas, perspectives and experiences to enhance the effectiveness and impact of ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils.

By focusing on learning through the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) community we can generate new and transformative ideas that address the problems organizations, and their resource groups are facing today.

The 2024 GEN Conference is an in-person only event hosted at the Westin Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2024 Global ERG Network® Conference Topics Will Include

  • Aligning ERG practices with your organization’s employee lifecycle
  • Allyship in action
  • Building psychological safety in ERGs
  • Creating low-cost, high-impact programming
  • Developing ERG Board & Diversity Council business rhythms and routines
  • Driving business innovation through ERG collaboration and ideation
  • Fostering a culture of belonging
  • Sustaining ERG volunteers in challenging times

Need support to attend the GENC?

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Who Should Attend?

  • ERG, BRG, Council and Affinity Network Leaders and Members

  • DEI Leaders & Practitioners

  • Human Resources Strategists
  • Individuals interested in starting new ERGs, BRGs, Diversity Councils and Affinity Networks for their organizations
  • Individuals looking to increase the impact of their organizations DEI initiatives

Benefits of Attending

  • Building Community: GENC is a unique opportunity to connect with other ERG professionals from around the world and build relationships with like-minded individuals who are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion. 

  • Cultivating Ideas: The conference is designed to encourage the sharing of best practices and innovative ideas for advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Attendees can learn about new strategies, approaches and tools that can help them be more effective in their roles.

  • GEN Membership: 2024 GENC registration comes with a 1-year membership to the Global ERG Network®, a fully integrated hybrid learning community for leaders and members of ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils. Our learning ecosystem encompasses connection, research, best practices, tools and training to support both individual and organizational development. 

  • Professional Development: The conference offers a range of professional development opportunities, including keynote presentations, workshops, breakout sessions, and discussions, that can help attendees develop new skills and knowledge to advance their careers. 

  • Networking: The conference provides ample networking opportunities for attendees to connect with peers and mentors who can provide guidance and support in their professional journey. 

  • Different Perspectives: Attending the conference can expose attendees to a range of perspectives and experiences that broaden their understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion issues and inform their work going forward.