An ERG Community

About the Global ERG Network (GEN)

GEN is no longer just a membership or networking platform. ​​

GEN is a fully-integrated, hybrid learning community for leaders and members of ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils. ​​​

GEN is a learning ecosystem that encompasses connection, research, best practices, tools and training to support both individual and organizational development. ​​

GEN is an interconnected system of passionate individuals, thought leaders and others interested in creating more diverse, inclusive and equitable environments where individuals can find a sense of belonging. ​​

Talent Dimensions is the convener, thought leader and guide for the community. GEN makes the wealth of expertise and experiences of Talent Dimensions available for members to share and build upon. We are combining a new online community platform and app powered by Mighty Pro with our in-person Global ERG Network Conference and Diversity Impact Awards to form the Global ERG Network. ​​

In business, an ecosystem is defined as a “complex network or interconnected system.” GEN encompasses multiple avenues for connection and learning that meet people where they are today and help them envision and prepare for tomorrow. The member experience includes webinars, live streamed events, topic-focused and group-specific engagement spaces, regional connect opportunities and an extensive library of ever evolving content and resources.

Global ERG Network Leadership Team

Cile Johnson

Chief Business Officer, Talent Dimensions

Lynn Cowart

Chief Operations Officer, Talent Dimensions

Leah Manning

Sr. Manager Business Strategies, GEN

Anna Ettin

Co-Founder, Tapestry Partner Solutions

Monica Brunache

Co-Founder, Tapestry Partner Solutions

Originally launched as the AEC in 2005 by PRISM International, the Global ERG Network is now owned by Talent Dimensions, a full-service talent development, retention and DEI firm. In 2008 Talent Dimensions was born from the merger of PRISM International and Career Systems International. With more than 40 years of experience in employee engagement, retention, development, diversity, equity and inclusion, this expert team is comprised of thought leaders from across the board.

In 2024, experts from Tapestry Partner Solutions were added to the GEN leadership. The consultancy has 15+ years of hands-on work with ERGs including launching, leading, and scaling impacts of ERGs around the world. They focus on transformational leadership, employee well-being, inter-generational dynamics, and workforce readiness for Gen Z and beyond through building people-centric practices.