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The Global ERG Network is the premier community for ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils to network and learn, with best-in-class resources, exclusive events and on-demand analytics. This 24/7, digital-first experience is highly customizable, empowering your organization to build future-proof diversity, equity and inclusion programs grounded in data & best practices.

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Inclusive teams outperform peers by 80% on team-based tasks 1

The results are in, and inclusive teams win the day. If you want to maximize your teams’ productivity, it’s crucial that you prioritize building inclusion for everyone.

More diverse companies have 19% higher revenue from innovation 2

Innovation is a necessity in today’s changing world. A 2018 Harvard Business Review study found that the most diverse companies were also the most innovative.

90% of Fortune 500 Companies offer employee resource groups 3

ERGs play an essential role in corporate DEI strategy, as shown by their prevalence among the world’s top companies. Are you making the most of this critical tool?

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